A). Word Emerge/Image (creating & transformation) poetry, images & short videos)

The word in shorts, Poems, photos, videos accompanied with all sorts of – beautifying or rather embellishing the raw product/s into something amazing/nice/beautiful/awesome/great/ stuff, such as.

Wish wells/invites/marketing and congratulations on birthdays, parties, weddings, graduations, business or any pleasant moment photos & videos, editing, designing & transformation.                                               

Though nice it is, sending cards and letters is becoming an outdated thing and besides, these are speedy modern days. Almost Everyone has a MOBILE PHONE, you don’t have to wait a day or even minutes to text, send a video or a photo (present/invites/your brand marketing) to someone, or rather you can do it at one go and on the go!”.



  • B). Photo Editing/transformation + can chose (wording/color) of choice (gifts/invites/business cards for birthdays, weddings, graduations, business cards etc and all for keeps)

Image/Photo Price!

  • 1 Photo/Image into – 4 transformation: = R25. 00/ $ – for COLLAGING (having 5 or more photos/images as 1 image/photo, price is R35/$.


Cheerful Boy

All for good memory keeps!

Videos & Image Slideshows

Video Editing/transformation + can chose (wording/color), sound/music of choice (gifts/invites/business cards for birthdays, weddings, graduations, business cards etc and all for keeps.

Video or Photo Slideshow Prices!

(1). 5 to 10 seconds = R20/$ + wording of choice.  (2). 20 to 40 seconds = R50/$ + wording of choice.                     

  • For those who would want 50 seconds & above, contact for a quote!.


  • How about putting some poetry, quotes, a verse/verses on a photo/Video/Image-photo. Yours personally or leave it to me or lets talk some more on what you’d like this to look like (Watch the following Examples) .
Tonny Little Birthday (example)
Hey You Superman (vid song by Ephraim Chaparadza)

Gallery & Examples


Designed By Ephraim Chaparadza

Made this about 7 years ago when worked in the making of movie (Attack on Darfur) about genocide happening in Sudan, the photos i took make this masterwork video.


Best proven apps

-Almost everyone knows about Google Playstore where amyone can download application for free or per purchase. Applications such as GAMES, SOCIAL media Apps such as (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instantgram, Books, Bankings apps etc.

Besides Playstore, I suggest people should try Uptodown app download site or their App downloading App.

This sight has all Apps that Playstore offers, it’s fast at downloads and won’t fail you if Playstore does (Note – to download Playstore Apps one needs to register an email address in the phone being used) using Uptodown to download never requires an email registration.

There are a quite number of Apps I’ve used and have mastered how to use almost all of them, like Evernote which is an online Storage site, stuff such as documents, photos, videos can be stored and be viewed anywhere online!

My point for introducing this Best App about page is to share with others the best most used and approved apps and also my personal experience of how I’ve used them, links to where the Apps can be downloaded and how to use them.
Having so many apps and some that promises to work effectively but never delivering what you expect once you start using the app, Just a word of advice for App users (mobile users) on how to compare apps “Mostly the ones most downloaded are due to be better or great Apps to use!”

Don’t depend on commends, one can create emails and names and commend his own sh…Ty app just that people gets to download it, just as some shops sells bad or expired products for the sake of not wanting loose and that’s how some just get to operate and it’s business.

WORD/ING (Writing, reading and word games).

  1. WPS office: (once was Kingsoft office) works as Microsoft word with complete editing tools
  2. Evernote: A great storage online and App for storing and even editing documents, photoes, videos, mails and more other things.

Photo, Music and video Apps


  1. Vivavideo:
  2. Vidmate: So far the best and efficient video watching and downloading site and app, and the best thing about the app is you can download a video as an mp3 & other formats. It also have a browser.
  3. Photo editor: The best way to prove this to be one amongst other apps thats best for editing photos is by the following (screen recorder) video…………………. It alsohas a video player with a…for taking snapshots….
  4. Walkband:
  5. NTrack:
  6. Recforge:
  7. Piano Melody free

GAMES: (Cars, boats, plane, skirting, blocks, chess, racing, fighting etc).

  1. Car race
  2. Devil Ninja
  3. Real Chess


Ephraim Chaparadza A.K.A Loveworldchild (All sorts creator, Musician, writer, Visionary etc)

“A man’s not only one thing, let alone positions and what the man is mostly known about, he’s/she’s many/many many things in one, a mother/father/fireman/writer/doctor/nurse/teacher/mentor/fisherman/poet/musician/accountant etc!”

Name & Surname: Ephraim Chaparadza A.K.A Loveworldchild

CELL: 0672796841

EMAIL: leophraim.ec@outlook.com

As Musician and writer (Click link ICONS bellow)

Donations & Funds:

PayPal: ephy2leonii@gmail.com

Ewallet Mobile N#: 0672796841

More Loveworldchild tracks on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Itunes, Deezer, N1music & the not yet unreleased bag of naturally writen songs:

Songs such as 1. Heroes will never die, Jinklebells with Tinkerbell, Lord to sing You songs, God can i sing you a song, The beast make it burn, Wild-young-blessed&graced, I said she said, Babe my love, Mandiri Mune mandiriri (shona for) in me theres mystrey, Handimbochema (shona for) I won’t cry, Kamehamii coming for you (DragonballZ inspired), Troubling covid & many others…



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